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Advisory Fuel Rates from 1 December 2018

        Fuel advisory rates are used to calculate the amount of VAT a company can reclaim relating to the fuel element of the mileage allowance payments. These rates are also used for mileage claims when an individual has a company car but pays for fuel privately These advisory fuel rates apply to […]

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Autumn Budget 2018 – Pillow May Summary

            Chancellor Philip Hammond presented his Autumn Budget 2018 to the House of Commons on Monday 29th October 2018. Please read our Budget summary to see the key announcements that we feel most affect our client base: Personal Tax The Government are no longer planning to scrap Class 2 National […]

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Don’t get adrift of your Overseas Tax! 

Jessica would like to remind our clients that UK tax is payable on all WORLDWIDE income if you are UK tax resident.  HMRC are getting much stricter on the disclosure of overseas income and have imposed a deadline of 30 September 2018 for every tax payer to disclose any previously undeclared worldwide income, on which […]

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