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Giving Back

Giving BackThe Pillow May team are committed to ‘giving back’. We are delighted to be able to contribute units on our client’s behalf towards B1G1: Buy One Give One  international initiatives. So far we have donated units to support social entrepreneurs and occupational training in developing countries, as well as donations for more basic needs, such as nourishing meals and access to clean water.

We also support local charities and charity events in the area such as the Calne Bike Meet & Christian Malford Scarecrow Trail.


We promise to make a donation each month for every:

  • Set of accounts filed
  • Tax return filed
  • Attendee at our client events & client feedback forms

Pillow May’s 10th Birthday B1G1 Pledge

Over the next year to celebrate our 10th birthday in June 2019, Pillow May has made a pledge to work with Free To Shine to  keep one girl in school for 10 years in Cambodia which will protect her from sex trafficking. B1G1 provide us with an easy goal tracker so we can see how far towards our pledge we have got throughout the year.

Who are Free To Shine?

Free To Shine are a well-respected charity who are working hard in South East Asia to keep girls safe from sex trafficking, not from handouts but by prevention through empowerment; education; nutrition, social & community support.

Charity Events

There will be more information on this page soon about how you can get involved in our charity walk on Sunday 12 May 2019 and how you can donate to our Free To Shine B1G1 campaign page.