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Child Benefit – Did you know?

As you may be aware, the changes to the child benefit came into force with effect from January 2013, with the purpose of clawing back the benefit where one person in the household earns over £50,000.  The tax charge comes in once the income exceeds £60,000 and the tax charge will wipe out the benefit.  This […]

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Minimise your family’s tax bills

With the Conservative government potentially stopping child benefit if anyone in the family is a higher rate tax payer, it is even more important than ever to spread income throughout the whole family. You can only do this if you are self-employed or own your own company. In this blog, I will only discuss ways […]

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Tax-free benefits

There are a number of personal benefits that you can pay for through your limited company but which don’t give rise to a tax charge on you personally. They can represent an excellent way of getting extra value for money from running your business as a limited company. The list of benefits includes: Home-to-work travel […]

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Fee protection insurance

Under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales guidelines, I am required to offer my clients fee protection insurance. This is insurance that covers any professional fees (whether mine or a more specialised professional) incurred should HM Revenue & Customs enquire into your business/personal tax return. It allows you to contest any enquiry […]

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