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Contractors Temporary Workplace Rules

Contractors travelling to and from a client’s site must comply with HMRC’s temporary workplace rules if they wish to claim travel and subsistence expenses against their taxable profits. In general if travel is allowable then subsistence is too. “A workplace is a temporary workplace if an employee goes there only to perform a task of […]

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Guidelines for Intermediaries Reporting

If you don’t operate PAYE, you may have to send reports to HMRC for workers Working trends have changed in recent years and UK businesses are increasingly using intermediaries to get skilled staff at short notice for temporary engagements, resulting in HMRC introducing new reporting legislation and Guidelines for Intermediaries Reporting. Intermediaries might need to provide HMRC with […]

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Do you need to register for VAT MOSS?

VAT MOSS came into effect on 1st January 2015 and will have an impact on any small business selling digital services to consumers in the EU, regardless of whether they are currently VAT registered or not. Follow our 5 steps below to establish whether you need to register and how to go about it, for […]

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